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TiVo FF Ads in Circulation?

Posted on 16 June 2019 by sam

A few people (allegedly) on the tivo community forum and over at pvrblog have noted overlayed “banner” ads when fast forwarding their TiVo’s

Not sure what I’m rambling on about previous TiVo banner ad coverage and TiVo No Longer (entirely) skipping “commercials”

Although it may have just been a test run of the banner ad:
This is an update since I suggested the original post: about an hour after I sent in the post, the ads on my Tivo stopped. I haven’t been able to get them to reappear since so I could snap a picture. This must have been another test of some sort.

Although this won’t stop me from pausing/fast forwarding later tonight to see what’s doing on my series 2 TiVo.

adrants coverage | another tivo community thread looks like it even accidently displays during non-commercial content! Hopefully that’s a bug (hopefully the whole thing is a bug) Link to official tivo customer support page

read more for a larger image of the banner ad via cpen’s post on tivo community forum

PVR Support for the Raspberry Pi

PVR Support for the Raspberry Pi

Posted on 03 September 2012 by sam

Raspbmc is an XBMC build for the Raspberry Pi. Recently the developers also integrated the PVR support, which is a truly impressive feat.


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ReplayTV PC Edition Unveiled Today

ReplayTV PC Edition Unveiled Today

Posted on 28 June 2006 by

ReplayTV is demonstrating their new ReplayTV PC Edition DVR Software

From the press release:

“ReplayTV PC Edition DVR provides a breathtaking advance over prior DVR experiences – offering an intuitive solution that is powerful yet easy-to-use, so viewers can spend less time manipulating and managing their DVR, and more time watching their favorite TV programming. ReplayTV placed the highest priority on making PC Edition lightning fast, predictable and reliable in recording your family’s shows and providing an experience that’s unmatched in the industry. “

I was able to scope out a demo of the ReplayTV PC Edition Software personally yesterday and will have some more scoop/details in a follow up article.

In the meantime you might want to look at this ReplayTV feature page which has some screenshots to ogle and describes some of the different little touches they put into the design of their PC DVR experience.

Check out the full press release with lots of feature description below the fold

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2PartsFusion Giveaway Reminder — OVER! Winner Drawn!

Posted on 25 February 2006 by

this giveaway is now closed!!

Congratulations to JustMichael for being the lucky participant drawn randomly from the database! Thanks again to 2 Parts Fusion for sponsoring the giveaway.

2 Parts Fusion, builders of fine customized Media Servers, has stepped to the plate and sponsored an ultra cool bundle of PVR components to giveaway at BYOPVR including: SageTV 4 PVR Software, ATI Radeon X800XL 256 MB PCI-Express Video card, and a Hauppauge PVR 150 MCE TV Tuner Card!

You’ll need to be a registered byopvr forum user and signed in to the forum to participate in the contest. Full rules and instructions on how to enter are posted in the Official 2 Parts Fusion BYOPVR Giveaway Thread.


this giveaway is now closed!! Winner has been drawn and announced!

Nvidia CES roundup: HDMI, HDTV, h.264 oh my!

Posted on 12 January 2006 by

Lots of news out of the Nvidia camp from CES 2006.

First up, Nvidia delivers first HDMI video card solution for Sony HTPC (press release)

Nvidia demo’s hardware accelerated h.264 forceware drivers for both 6xxx and 7xxx gpu’s!

“NVIDIA showed us a demo of their upcoming Forceware drivers with support for hardware accelerated h.264 decoding. Unlike ATI’s h.264 hardware decoding that is limited to X1000 series of GPU’s, NVIDIA is supporting h.264 hardware decoding in all PURE Video compatible GPU’s. The above demo was of a 6600 series GPU playing back a 1080p h.264/AVC video clip. The video was very smooth and did not drop any frames.”

Anandtech scoop on an HDTV-DVD notebook which also mentions the h.264 pure video decoding hardware acceleration.

Finally here’s a Nvidia press release roundup of what Nvidia demo’d at CES 2006 this year.

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Open Source IR Mapping Software: Remote 2 Key

Posted on 11 January 2006 by

Control your PVR with Remote 2 Key It’s similar in concept to Girder, it’s free and it’s open source.

Remote 2 Key allows you to control your computer with a remote control. It converts IR signals from your remote control into key strokes using customizable mapping files. It’s similar in concept to Girder. Remote 2 Key can be used to control your PVR application if it lacks support for the USB-UIRT receiver.

To use this software, you need an infrared receiver connected to your computer to pick up the signals from your remote control. Remote 2 Key currently supports the USB-UIRT receiver, available from Receivers are implemented in a “pluggable” fasion, so it’s easy for software developers to add support for other receivers.

Learn more at

Broadcast Flag on Steroids (again!) and The Analog Hole Closing Legislation

Posted on 01 November 2005 by

Some Scary Halloween Broadcast Flag/Analog Hole legislation has come to D.C.

“Here’s what the proposed law says, in a nutshell:

Every consumer analog video input device manufactured in the United States will be, within a year, forced to obey not one, but two new copy restriction technologies: a watermarking system called VEIL, and a rights system called CGMS-A (we’ve covered CGMS-A before; we’ll talk a bit more about VEIL soon). “

EFF “blog” entry with the broadcast flag scoop

Original EFF broadcast flag page and here’s a PDF of the draft of the legislation… it’s been nicknamed “Broadcast Flag on Steroids” 🙁

Choice quote from Cory@BoingBoing This is like the Broadcast Flag on steroids. The Broadcast Flag only covered TV receivers. This covers everything with an analog video input. If this had been around in 1976, the VCR would have been illegal. Today, it would ban Mythtv, every tuner-card in the market, and boxes like ElGato’s eyeTV the Slingbox and the Orb and the vPod. This is a proposal to turn huge classes of technology into something that exists only at the sufferance of the studios.

New NVIDIA Pure Video DualTV Dual Tuner

New NVIDIA Pure Video DualTV Dual Tuner

Posted on 19 September 2005 by

TechPowerUp has the scoop on NVIDIA and the latest happenings and advances of their Pure Video Cinematic Home Theater technology including a new NVIDIA Pure Video DualTV Dual Tuner card that features the very impressive ViXS video processing for on the fly transcoding/processing! Looks like a MSRP of $169/$189 (two different models: one for MCE 2005, one for regular XP)

They seem to be positioning the NVIDIA DualTV as a high(er) quality capture quality and some interesting bells and whistles. If the NVIDIA Pure Video DualTV encoding quality is half as good as the NVIDIA Pure Video Decoder is at mpeg2 decoding it should be a pretty awesome card! Of course the proof is in the pudding and the greatest hardware in the world is useless if the good 3rd party PVR applications don’t support it.

Hat tip to HTPCnews and SHSpvr. Large picture of the NVIDIA DualTV board thanks to MannyTC via SHS.
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Sale: SnapStream Free Firefly with BeyondTV 3.7 Purchase!

Posted on 12 September 2005 by

Now through September 19th you get a free FireFly RF remote with a purchase of BeyondTV 3.7 through the SnapStream store. There’s a few other cool bundles like pairing a pvr150 MCE, BeyondTV 3.7, and the free FireFly remote which makes for a pretty cool setup at a pretty darn good price.

See site for official details but here’s the dealio:

# add any one of the following items to your court:

Beyond TV 3 (CD-ROM or Download)

Beyond TV 3 and Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150 Kit (PCI)

Beyond TV 3 and Diamond Xtreme TV PVR600 USB 2.0 Kit (USB)

Beyond TV 3 and Hauppauge Dual-Tuner WinTV-PVR-500 MCE Kit (PCI)

Medusa PVR

# Then scroll down to the ‘Related Items’ section below the cart and add the $0.00 Firefly PC Remote to your cart.

It’s important to note that if you buy BeyondTV 3.7 now you get a “free” upgrade to forthcoming HDTV capable BeyondTV 4! Speaking of which there’s some interesting scoop about BeyondTV 4 & HDTV with this choice quote re: HDTV EPG TV listings:

We’ve also licensed and rolled out new HDTV guide services in preparation for HDTV support in Beyond TV 4. Apparently some companies consider this optional? No, I really don’t understand it either.

Speculation on Windows Vista, DRM, CableCARD & 3rd Party DVR

Posted on 26 August 2005 by sam

You probably already know that DRM is a dirty word in these parts… you probably also know that I’m dying for a legitimate way to record HDTV via cable without using the cable company’s DVR i.e. the mythtical cableCARD PC device. I’m not sure that i’d trade DRM up the wazoo to get it, however…

It is rumoured that with Windows Vista (nod to Ed Bot) there’ll be sufficient DRM and content “security” to appease the content providers enough that maybe there’ll be CableCARD support in Windows Vista MCE.

A few prominent bloggers are wondering what Windows Vista means to 3rd party PVR software including the always insightful to read Chris Lanier MSMVPPC PVR Needs Vista and PVP-OPM! and Your Company is NOT Ruined, SnapStream in response to a rightfully skeptical SnapStream devblog entry

Now there’s no reason to panic or schedule an EFF rally or the like yet, even though i’m not sure I trust the big players in all of this to have the consumers best interest in mind here. There’s a gradual closing of the analog loophole endgame afoot, and eventually digital content will be handcuffed to HDCP approved devices that only DMCA violating daredevils will attempt to supercede. Can I trademark HDCP-X-copy now to beat the rush?

Between intel’s trusted computing platform, HDCP, PVP-OPM and the like it doesn’t look to promising for fair use (or competition!) in general.