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Nvidia CES roundup: HDMI, HDTV, h.264 oh my!

Posted on 12 January 2006 by

Lots of news out of the Nvidia camp from CES 2006.

First up, Nvidia delivers first HDMI video card solution for Sony HTPC (press release)

Nvidia demo’s hardware accelerated h.264 forceware drivers for both 6xxx and 7xxx gpu’s!

“NVIDIA showed us a demo of their upcoming Forceware drivers with support for hardware accelerated h.264 decoding. Unlike ATI’s h.264 hardware decoding that is limited to X1000 series of GPU’s, NVIDIA is supporting h.264 hardware decoding in all PURE Video compatible GPU’s. The above demo was of a 6600 series GPU playing back a 1080p h.264/AVC video clip. The video was very smooth and did not drop any frames.”

Anandtech scoop on an HDTV-DVD notebook which also mentions the h.264 pure video decoding hardware acceleration.

Finally here’s a Nvidia press release roundup of what Nvidia demo’d at CES 2006 this year.

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New NVIDIA Pure Video DualTV Dual Tuner

New NVIDIA Pure Video DualTV Dual Tuner

Posted on 19 September 2005 by

TechPowerUp has the scoop on NVIDIA and the latest happenings and advances of their Pure Video Cinematic Home Theater technology including a new NVIDIA Pure Video DualTV Dual Tuner card that features the very impressive ViXS video processing for on the fly transcoding/processing! Looks like a MSRP of $169/$189 (two different models: one for MCE 2005, one for regular XP)

They seem to be positioning the NVIDIA DualTV as a high(er) quality capture quality and some interesting bells and whistles. If the NVIDIA Pure Video DualTV encoding quality is half as good as the NVIDIA Pure Video Decoder is at mpeg2 decoding it should be a pretty awesome card! Of course the proof is in the pudding and the greatest hardware in the world is useless if the good 3rd party PVR applications don’t support it.

Hat tip to HTPCnews and SHSpvr. Large picture of the NVIDIA DualTV board thanks to MannyTC via SHS.
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Preliminary Linux IVTV Driver Support for PVR150 & PVR500!

Posted on 03 January 2005 by

Whoot! Although it is a preliminary release, there’s encouraging news that the linux folks will be able to use the cheaper Hauppauge WinTV PVR150 with mythTV/Linux!! Good job Ulf, Chris Kennedy, and anyone else that pitched in on coding, documenting, experimenting, testing, etc this frequently asked for linux tuner/encoder driver in the IVTV project

Here’s a copy of Ulf’s message on the IVTV-Dev mailing list

“Here is a patch for ivtv-0.3.2a, that enables audio and PAL tuner support.

It is not finished in any sense, but since there is a lot of activity about the 150 cards on the mailing list a though that I should share it in its current state.

If you use this driver. I urge you to donate $10 or more to the Asian earthquake and tsunamis victims through the Red Cross organization.

Please see the doc/README.cx25840 file for usage information.

The patch can be downloaded from: