Scythe Shuriken Rev.B review

Scythe’s coolers are very often named when one is looking for quiet cooling. But that’s not all a cooler should do, so read the review to see how it faired in our test.

The Scythe Shuriken Rev.B CPU cooler is a quiet cooler that fits in almost any case and any processor.

After I had moved my old components into a new HTPC case, it became immediately clear that the stock coolers on the processor and graphical card were extremely loud. The noise had never bothered me when I was gaming at my desk, but now that I’m trying to watch some YouTube from my couch, it was clear that this would not do.

Enter the Scythe Shuriken Rev.B

In my search for CPU coolers I was restricted by two factors:

  • My HTPC case did not have room for those fancy tower coolers
  • My processor is a fairly antiquated Socker754

After some searching it was clear that the Shuriken was one of the top picks, so that’s what I ordered. I was a little worried about the size of the cooler, because it looks pretty big in the pictures. But after a final measurement, I just went for it.

At €29.99 (about $37), it’s also a pretty affordable option.

The Package

Scythe Shuriken Rev.B package

The Scythe Shuriken Rev.B box

I just love the box the Shuriken came in, which is why it deserves its own section.

It’s not one of these sleek Western deals. It has text on it pretty much everywhere you look. In various languages.

It is also one of the most eco friendly packages I have seen. Cardboard and no space spoiled.

Some of the stuff on the package:

What is missing, is a notice that this is a silent cooler. Either the people at Scythe don’t think that’s important, or they feel it is a given.


Depending in your CPU, the installation will be different. I can only speak for the AMD socket 754 installation, but I believe it’s the same for all AMD processors.

Installing this cooler, couldn’t be easier:

  • Remove old cooler
  • Clean up old thermal paste
  • Apply new thermal paste
  • Put the smallest set of mounting brackets on the cooler
  • Place cooler on CPU
  • Fasten mounting brackets

No tools required (except maybe to clean up the thermal paste). Installation took less than 10 minutes.


This is how it looked with the old stock cooler:

Before Scythe Shuriken Rev. B installation

The AMD stock cooler, before Scythe Shuriken Rev. B installation.

After Scythe Shuriken Rev.B installation

The Scythe Shuriken Rev.B is installed.

The Shuriken has about the same height as the stock cooler, but it’s obviously much wider and deeper. Everything fit perfectly, I didn’t even need to take the motherboard from the case for the installation.


The Shuriken is whisper quiet. There’s no comparison to that 5 year old stock cooler. With the lid closed it’s almost impossible to hear, except maybe at higher rotation speeds when the CPU heats up.

I didn’t do any kind of scientific measurement, but it’ll be difficult to find a more quiet cooler and even if you found it, there’s little point. This is perfectly acceptable for a PC in the living room.

As far as cooling is concerned. That was a little harder to measure. Due to my old and extremely hot power supply (see one of my next reviews), it’s kinda hard to get a good idea of the change. The CPU was definitely cooler and did stay cooler for much longer, but eventually the temperatures did rise.

It’s clear the cooling capacity is higher than the stock cooler, but I don’t think it’s much more (of course, that’s also not why I bought the cooler)


The good parts

  • Low profile cooler, will fit any small HTPC case
  • Support for wide array of processor types
  • Very quiet
  • Easy installation (tested on AMD Socket754)

Look out for

  • Nothing really
  • With regard to cooling capacity, does not perform that much better than the stock cooler in cramped case (but that wasn’t promised anyway)
Date published: 07/18/2012
4 / 5 stars