Using FireFly RF Remote & Separate IR Keyboard

Did you do like me and go buy a SnapStream Firefly Remote and figured you would also use a RF wireless keyboard and mouse to round the system out, only to find out later that they conflicted?

I was doing all i could to make all my RF wireless components work concurrently with no luck. Then I read an article on RF device can conflct with each other but that Bluetooth devices can work together,but have to be installed together.

Since there aren’t any bluetooth remote controls out there, and already had the FireFox, my solution was to go to and find an IR keyboard with some sort of trackball, or mouse control built-in. I found one reasonably priced, and still very nice IR keybaord that sold for $21 (plus $6 shipping).

I installed it last night and for the first time since i built my PVR, i felt like I had full control of all the functions, including internet browsing. The two different set of controls (the RF FireFly and the IR keyboard) worked side by side with no difficulty or interference even with the FireFly remote set to mouse mode.

When I wanted to browse the internet from the couch, the IR keyboard was easier to manipulate the cursor, and enter text. The many extra keys on the keyboard came in handy. The extra keys help launch functions like opening email, bringing up Web, and many other functions.

So in conclusion: mixing the RF of the Firefly with an IR one on this keyboard and mouse works very well. I only wish that the Firefly had two very important functions that I currently have on my Tivo remotes:

#1: turn TV on and off

#2: change video input on the TV

(rampy note: I fixed some typos and tweaked a few sentences for readability. Joe if I misinterpreted anything you were trying to express, let me know and I’ll change it)

Added:  Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Reviewer:  Joe
Score: 5/5
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