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Windows Media Center Edition 2005 vs The World

Posted on 30 December 2004 by

The venerable SlashDot had a post the other day about Windows Media Center Edition vs. The World Surprisingly no mention of byopvr though =(

“sam_christ writes “An article in today’s Investor’s Business Daily (Google cache) and an article by TV industry pundit/predictions-huckster Philip Swann say the same thing: that Microsoft’s Media Center Edition will be a big flop in 2005. Meanwhile, from what I can tell much more powerful alternatives to Microsoft’s MCE bloatware are thriving: commercial products like Snapstream (see their 6-tuner Medusa PVR built for about $1200), Showshifter and open-source freeware like Mediaportal and MythTV. From what I’ve read about Microsoft MCE and all of its DRM and content restrictions, I have to agree with both of these articles.”

Some excellent comments if you sift through the chaffe of /. to find it regarding why the Windows Media Center Edition 2005 DRM and DRM in general is a bad idea (for consumers).